How to Fix Belkin router Orange Light Or Amber Light Problem ?

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Did you come back to Home Or Office Only to Find your Nighthawk App Internet has Quit Working? Upon checking all you could find is the Orange (Amber) Light Flashing on Belkin router?

Today in this post we will explain the Reasons Behind Solid Or Flashing Orange Or Yellow Light On Belkin Router. This Guide Is about How you Could fix the Problem & Get a solid Blue Internet light back on Your Home Router.

Note – Flashing &Solid Orange, Amber Or Yellow Light are the same thing that Means So Don’t Be Confused With Similar Colour Names & terms.

Why Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light-

Honestly, a lot of techs has given a diverse opinion on this issue Download Nighthawk App for Computer but Many People Suggest that this Light Code could only Mean Problem From ISP(Internet Service Provider) Side But in Truth, it can happen Because of many other Problems Too Such as-

  • Loose Internet Wire & Connection
  • Slow Internet Or Critical Firmware Update
  • The modem is Unsupported Or Not detected by Router
  • Router Is Not Configured Properly & Connection Type Was Correct
  • The Internet is Down From I.S.P Side

Troubleshooting Yellow Blinking Lights

  • First Check all the cable Connections to the Modem & Router. Make Sure Modem is Powered On.
  • Now Perform a Power Cycle- Restart the Modem First & Then Restart the Router & Wait for it to Boot up & Ready to Load the Setup.
  • Login to Belkin Router Dashboard & Look for Any Available Firmware Update.
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Belkin Firmware Update
Belkin Firmware Update

After all, these steps See if Your Belkin Router hasn’t started Working & You Still See Orange light on Belkin Router Than Read Further-

Reset Belkin Router –

  • Look at the back of your Belkin wireless router there will be reset hole(reset key)
  • press that key using a pen or any other paperclip and hold it for 20-25 seconds & Than Let The Reset Key Go.

reset key belkin router
reset key Belkin router
Reset key Belkin Router
  • After you reset the Belkin wireless router you also need to restart the modem again and this time please restart your computer also.
  • Now Your Belkin Router has Been Fully Reset back to Factory Settings & Read to Be installed as a New Router.

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Tips and Tricks Before Belkin Setup-

  • While Belkin wireless Setup You Will be Asked for Your Internet Connection Type To Configure Your Modem With Belkin Router. Please ask your I.S.P For Internet Connection Type Such as DHCP Connection, Statik Connection, PPPOE Connection, etc.
  • just test your modem connection by connecting the laptop directly to the modem.

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we hope all this information has helped you However if you still have any issue With your Belkin Router Try Contacting Belkin Customer Service and let us know if you need any other help.