Why D-link Router is Not Working Anymore ? | Troubleshoot D-link Router

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Friends, we have Been Using a Dlink router for almost Nighthawk App 5 years Now. it workes Great but Once in While it Does overheat have Performance Glitch issues However After Troubleshooting it Worked Like a charm.

D-link is a Well known Networking brand and they Manufacture Nighthawk-app.com Networking Devices Such as Router, Extender, Switches, USB Adapter Etc. Name them Champion if you Will Because they have managed their Product & Quality Quite Well for Over the decade Now.

Today In this post, we will help you to Troubleshoot Dlink Router Problems & Help you Fix them. Together We Will Find Out Problems & Guide you to All Possible Solutions So Please Stay With Us Till Last.

Why D- Link Router Won’t Work

folks this a Well known and Most common issue With In Router Community. Let’s List Out Some of the Issues that Might Cause your Dlink Router to Quit Working.

  • Overheating & Power Supply Issue.
  • Latest Firmware Update Or Incorrect Configuration
  • Sometimes it happens due to IP address misplaced Download Nighthawk App for Computer from one device overlap to another device for getting router work
  • ISP Problem Etc.

Let’s Start With Basic Troubleshooting To Fix Dlink Router-

Power Cycle Dlink Router –

  • Reboot Your Internet modem & Dlink Router Together

  • Make sure modem to router connection and cable is connected.
  • Try connecting the modem with the Laptop Using an Ethernet Cable directly just to make sure internet service provider (Modem ) is Providing you the internet.

If not, reset the router. The reset button for the router is located in a small hole in the case of the router. Using a toothpick press the button and hold for ten seconds.

reset dlink range
reset link range

Note: – Resetting the router will return it to it’s Out of the Box state. You will need to reconfigure the admin password, and any settings you have made to the router. Reboot your PC’s and connect to the internet.

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I hope this will help you.

Let’s verify if you have all the network cables and connections plugged into the proper Ports.

your router is connected with the modem using an ethernet cable.

In simple words first port of your router (mostly yellow port)has to be connected with the WAN port of your modem.

Your computer needs to be wired to the LAN port of your router. Choose a different  LAN Port to see if there’s an issue with the Port that you’re using.

Now Please try rebooting the computer and router.

if that did not help. You can also try doing mac cloning depending on your Internet service provider. see if that helps

Who is your Provider? please contact With internet service provider to see if they can help you.