How to Fix Belkin Router After Power Outage | Belkin Troubleshooting

Is Your Belkin Router Has Stopped Working After storm Nighthawk App Or Power Outage? You Must Be surprised By How all of the Sudden your Belkin router has stopped working While Other Things Work Just Fine. Don’t Worry Just Follow these Basic Troubleshooting Steps & Revive Belkin router –

Yellow Orange Light On Belkin Router –

After Power outage yellow Or Orange, lights are the most common issue on home wireless Router & in this case first you Need to Reboot all your devices, check all the cable connection & then contact your internet service provider to make sure everything a fine from their End.

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No Power Light In Belkin Router –

Most of the Time Its a case of hardware failure & there is Download Nighthawk App for Computer nothing much to be Done however there is still a chance for you to Try Some steps –

  1. Unplug the Belkin Router From the Power & check the Power supply.
  2. Remove all cable from Router & Plug them Back Properly to make sure the Wires are Connected Properly
  3. Reset your Belkin Router While Connected to Power.

Reset And Reconfigure Belkin router –

Friends Most of the time After Trying Everything you see no light Or No internet connection in your Belkin router. Please Perform Hard Reset On Belkin router 1 more Time And Try to See if that Helps to fix Belkin router. This is a Common And Well Know Step To Fix Most of the Router Problems.

  • Use A Paperclip Or Pen To Reset Belkin Router.
  • Press And  The Reset Key At The Back Of Your Router For 30 seconds
  • Restart Your Belkin router and Modem and Re-setup Your Belkin router.

Hold 30 to reset belkin router
Hold 30 to reset Belkin router
Reset Belkin Router

After the Reset, You Must Perform an Installation for your Wireless Router to be Working again Please Visit How to Reconfigure Belkin wireless router

Once You Have Setup Your Router Please Be Sure to Login & Update the Firmware of your Belkin Router.

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Tips and Tricks

See if All This Information Helps you to Fix Belkin router Common Issues.

  • Don’t Forget To Restart Your Belkin Router After Reset, Setup, and Update.
  • Don’t Reset Your Modem Unless Your I.S.P recommends you.
  • Please Contact Internet Provider In Case You Still Have No Internet Connection.

Troubleshooting Belkin Router –

  • Please Unplug Your Belkin Router And Modem From Power Outlet.
  • Disconnect the Internet Cable Between Belkin router And Modem (Internet Services Provider)

internet cable
internet cable
Ethernet Cable
  • Restart Your Computer And Wait For 1 minute.
  • Plug Everything Back And Turn The Router And Modem On.

Now Try to connect with the Internet See if that Helps However if you Still see nothing is changed then it maybe its time for you to get a New Router. we recommend getting a Belkin Or Netgear Router as they are the top Home Wireless Equipments Manufacturers at this time

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