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Why Netgear router is blinking orange? –

As you know every machine can have problems and Netgear Nighthawk App router blinking orange means the internet is not coming to the router.

  • First, call your Internet Services Provider (ISP) to check your Internet connection or you can try to connect the computer with a modem to check the connection.
  • The orange blinking light tells you, you have not got an internet connection. Check the settings on the router also.
  • Most of the time a simple restart can fix this problem.
  • Please reboot your modem and Netgear router.

Check your router firmware –

after checking the internet connection first thing you should try Download Nighthawk App for Computer updating the Netgear router if you log into the router page.

  • if not then try to reset your router using the reset key.
  • Plug the power outlet to the Netgear router and press the reset key and hold for 40 seconds.

reset netgear Router
reset Netgear Router
  • Now Restart the Netgear router and modem.
  • for auto, setup downloads Netgear genie and follow the steps.

Manual Netgear setup follow –

  • Open a web browser and type in the address bar
  • Enter your username admin (default) and password =password and hit enter.
  • And Now click on no I want to configure the router myself click next
  • Open a page like the name of basic settings
  • Click Yes on internet connection require a login.
  • In encapsulation select PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet)
  • Then enter your login username which is provided you by your ISP

Setup netgear router
Setup Netgear router

In the internet, IP address click get automatically from ISP
Domain Name Server DNS address click get automatically from ISP
Enable net and click apply

  • Now click on the wireless
  • Under wireless
  • Name your SSID (network name )
  • Select region
  • Select channel 11 and leave it as it
  • Mode select auto 300 Mbps
  • Under wireless access point checkmark on allowing broadcast of name SSID and enable wireless access point.

  • Now click on security type and put your password.
  • Remember your username and password to login your WiFi network,
    and click on apply
  • Now reboot your router and modem see if that works

I hope this will help you out to fix Netgear router blinking orange