How to setup netgear wireless router ? –

Connect your modem to the internet port of the NETGEAR router and your computer to any of the four LAN ports.

Connect netgear router to modem1
Connect Netgear router to modem1

Here are two methods to configure your NETGEAR wireless router-

Open a web browser and type in the address bar or or by default your browser. and hit enter


It will take you to the router setup page. it shows-

  1. Would you like help setting up your wireless network Download Nighthawk App for Computer Checkmark on Yes and Click Next
  2. Now your internet connection detects the type of internet like your computer is using dynamic IPClick on Next.

Now it will be for the name of your wireless network.

  1. Set the Name and click Next. now it asks do you want to add security to your wireless network click on Yes then please click next.
  2. Choose your wireless security like wap2, WPA-PSK now enter your password click next

  1. Now it asks would you like to change your router admin password in Netgear router 
    click yes and click next and print all the information now you are connected to your network
  2. Reboot the system tries to connect to a wireless network.

Tips: – There is a software by the name of Netgear Genie you can also download and install this software and set up the Netgear router in simple steps . just follow the steps

Configure It Manually

Please remember you can setup Netgear router with manual settings also. you just have followed steps to setup Netgear router

  • Please try to Open a web browser(any browser that you use) and type in the address bar (URL) and then
    Enter your admin name and password and hit enter.
  • And now click on no I want to configure the router myself click next
  • Open a page like the name of basic settings
  • Click Yes on internet connection require a login.
  • In encapsulation select PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet)

Setup netgear router
Setup Netgear router

If you remember the user name and password then it’s good to please type it and if you don’t have the password and username contact with your internet service provider.

In the internet, IP address click get automatically from ISP Domain name server DNS address click get automatically from ISP Enable net and click apply

Tips: – Before settings up a password on Netgear wireless router just make sure that you select the correct encryption type like WPA, WPA2-PSK, etc.

Netgear router setup password and security –

  • Please go to under wireless and here you can change your network name (SSID)
  • Please type your SSID
  • Select your region
  • Please select channel 11 and leave it as it is.

  • on mode section select auto mode 300mbps
  • Then under wireless access point checkmark on allowing broadcast of name SSID and enable wireless access point.
  • Now click on security type and put your password.
  • Remember your username and password to login to your wifi network.
    and click on apply
  • And let the router and modem reboot.

Your Netgear router setup has been done .now you can use the Netgear router.

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