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We Use range extender to extend the current router range And Linksys has been manufacturing Range Extenders for a while, and they have been doing quite well. But when we take a new Range Extender we Nighthawk App might be curious to know how to setup Linksys range extender and for most of the part it is not as though that you might be thinking to, but still there are two ways to set up a Linksys Range extender and we will be learning both the ways on how to actually set up Linksys Range Extender.

range extender power
range extender power

Tips Before Setting up Linksys Extender- 
=> Since Linksys Range Extender Is An Easy Plug And Download Nighthawk App for Computer Play Device We Recommend You Do the Reset Before You Setup Range Extender.
=> You Can Setup Extender Near The Router And Later Place Anywhere in the house (maximum 40 Feet ) Depending on your Current router Range.

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Let’s Find Out How to setup Linksys Range extender –

Perform Linksys extender setup-

For Simple And Easy Setup Follow these Steps –

  1. Plug the Linksys Range extender to Power Outlet And Turn It On.
  2. Now Go to Your Computer And Click The Wireless Icon at taskbar  And See Available Networks.

connect linksys range extender
connect Linksys range extender
  1. Look For Linksys Extender Setup Open Network And Connect with it.
  2. Once it’s Connected Open Your Browser and it should Automatically Take you to the Linksys extender setup page.
  3. In Case You Don’t See The Setup page Please Type at the top of your browser.
  4. You Can Also Use the Default Ip Address of Linksys Extender Which is Most of the time.

Linksys login fnl
Linksys login fnl
  1. Now Once You Are Setup page Please Just Follow On-Screen Instruction and start the setup of Linksys extender.
  2. You Can Change Your Language and accept the terms and Conditions and Hit Next.

Secure your range ext
Secure your range ext
  1. In Next Step You May See a list of Network Please Select the Network That You want to extend (Current Router ) and  Type The Password For Your Existing router and Hit Next.
  2. You Can Change The Network Name And Password for The Extender in the next step Or You Can Leave them Default And Click On Next.
  3. One Can Also Lock the Extender setup using the Admin Password in the next step.
  4. Now Click On Next and Save the Settings and reboot Your Linksys Range Extender.
  5. After Restart You Can Plug your Linksys extender Anywhere within the range of your existing router and use it to your extender password to Connect with it.

Good Job Now You have Done the Installation of your Linksys Range Extender.

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Setup Linksys Range Extender With Ethernet Cable –

  1. Connect the Linksys Range Extender to the PC via an Ethernet Cable.
  2. Plug the Range Extender in the Power Outlet and wait until all the LED lights are blinking at a normal or are stable.

connect linksys by wire
connect Linksys by wire
  1. Open the Web Browser and enter the IP Address of the router which is in most of the cases.
  2. Enter the User Name and Password as “admin” and click on login.
  3. Click on Wireless settings and set the radio button to Manual
  4. Enter the SSID of your main router
  5. Enter the WEP key or WPA/WPA Mixed mode key.
  6. Now restart the Range Extender and even start the router, the range extender will automatically start functioning. Hence you have successfully set up Linksys Range Extender.

I Hope All This Will Help You to setup and Configure Your Linksys Range Extender. Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If you Need any other Help with Your Extender.

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