How To Install And Configure Belkin Router Using Mac ?

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Dear Friends today we have decided to Help You Belkin router setup using Mac computer.

Over this Year we have received Many requests Where People have Nighthawk App been requesting steps to set up and configure the Belkin router using Mac computer.

We have Already Given A brief Guide to setup with the mac here How to setup Belkin wireless router in easy steps?

As we Promised in the beginning that we will hear all your Requests and Troubles Regarding Technology.

Now we have Come up with specific steps about setup Belkin router using the mac.

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Please Go Step by Step and we can assure You that after this You Download Nighthawk App for Computer will be able to set up and install Belkin WiFi with the Mac system.

How To Configure Belkin Using Mac –

To configure the Belkin wireless router with, we will recommend these steps –

  1. If it’s a new Belkin router then Please take it out from the Box and Plug to the Power outlet.
  2. If You have the Old Belkin router then its best to reset the Belkin router using the reset key at back.
  3. Now Plug the Belkin router with the modem using the internet cable

Great Job, if You have Done steps So Far

Now Soon After You Connect the Belkin router with modem You Need to restart both Devices (modem +router )

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setup Belkin router using the mac –

Friends If you have Connected the modem with a router than following further steps and get the configuration done –

  1. Restart the Mac computer and let the system be a refresh for new wireless network
  2. Look on wireless List You can See a new Unsecured Belkin wireless network Please Connect with it. (it will not ask for password )
  3. Now Open the Browser and Type in URL as its the default gateway of Belkin wireless router In most cases.
  4. Now You will be able to see Your setup page of Belkin router.
  5. You can detect the connection and follow the instruction to configure the Belkin wireless router.
  6. Please Setup new SSID (Network Name) And Password (Network Password)

Enter network and pass belkin
Enter the network and pass Belkin
  1. After all settings Please save the settings and wait for 1 min.
  2. Now Reboot your Belkin router, modem, and computer. now you can connect with your new Belkin network and use the internet

  1. You can connect unlimited devices (iPhone, iPad, PS3) And everything that connects with WiFi using the same password as you have set up it.
  2. Congrats, well done if it’s working.

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Let us know if you need more help to setup the Belkin router using a Mac computer.

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