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Wireless Routers Are a very important part of Nighthawk App our daily life. Sometimes For changing the settings we need to Login to Dlink router.

How to open d-link router Setup page –

Follow these steps to Open the link router Setup page.

D-Link WiFi router configuration-

1. Connect the power adaptor to the back panel of the wireless router.

  • Plug the adaptor into an ac outlet
  • Check the power led light in your router.


2. Now open your internet browser

(chrome, opera, explorer, Mozilla, etc.) type the Download Nighthawk App for Computer default gateway address or 1.1 in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.


3. The router appears a pop-up message on your screen like your

  • username- admin
  • password- admin or leave your password blank. or you can see the default username or password back of your router.
  • Press enter.

Now you are on your router setup page you can make changes in your router setup page.

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Install router After d-link router login –

If you want to set up your router again if you are not getting your internet connection then try to reset your router and off your all the devices and connect your router to your computer through Ethernet hard wire.


Open browser and type default IP – or

Now your router setup page will open on your screen

  • For set up internet click on setup then click on the internet
  • Now see manual internet connection options
  • Click on manual internet connection setup.

Set up your internet connection by two method

  1. By through static IP
  2. By through username or password


  • Select on static/dynamic IP (if your isp provided you static/dynamic IP)
    like- IP address:(provided by isp)
  • Subnet  mask:
  • Default gateway: (provided by isp)
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Fill all the information and click on save.


  • You can also set your connection is PPPoE (if your ISP provided your username or password).
  • example- username – 6789@james.parker
  • password– jamesparker@768
  • select address mode – dynamic IP
  • then click on save the setting

Now your internet connection is setup.

WIFI setting

  1. Click on a wireless setting
  2. Then click the manual wireless setting.
  3. Now set your username – GHostrider012
  4. Net your wireless security mode– wpa2-personal
  5. Set your wifi password– ultimateghost@2
  6. Click on save the setting.

Now try to connect your devices to your WiFi

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