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Understanding the Asus Wireless Router –

It is all about Wireless in this whole world, the Nighthawk App maximum things we use have gone wireless nowadays, be it Wireless charging, Wireless-Fidelity Network (WiFi), Wireless connectivity of Mouse and keyboard, etc. But with the increase of this wireless part, we need to be secure at the same time to see if someone else is not using our facility and then it comes to the part, which a password plays in a Router. As you know most router nowadays comes with WPS, but many times our other device doesn’t support one, and then we need the password. But passwords are the most difficult thing to remember more difficult than the last elements of the Periodic Table of Chemistry. Asus is one of the best brands in the industry of Networking and Asus products are popular when it comes to Routers, many offices use routers from Asus as they are reliable and Asus also keeps a watch on the styling of the router which is important for anything we take. Now as we Download Nighthawk App for Computer said passwords are tough to remember. Now, what if you own an Asus Router and you need to recover your password from the Admin panel, or you need to Reset the wireless password of the router. today we are going to help you with the same, today we will provide you a guide to Recover a lost WiFi password from Asus Router and Reset the password in case you need to change the password.

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Asus Wireless Router
Asus Wireless Router

How to Recover a password in the Asus Router –

  • Log in to the Admin panel of the Asus Router it is usually once you enter the URL, you will be showcased a Login box, Please login with Admin as “username” and Password as “password.”

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  • Once you login you are on the dash of the ASUS router
  • Click on the Status tab which is at the bottom-most option in low-end routers while for high-end gaming routers they are on the rightmost side at the top.
  • On High-end routers select Wireless status from the Status tab.
  • On normal routers, you will get a wireless section on the Status page itself.
  • In the wireless section, you will be able to get the W Key(WiFi Password).


With the above step, you will be able to recover your lost WiFi password for any Asus Router. Now let us look at how to reset the password of the WiFi and use a new password instead.

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How to Reset Wireless Password in Asus Router –

Resetting a Wireless password is easy, and you don’t need to reset your whole router for the same, here are the steps to do the same:

  • Please Login to the Admin panel of the Asus Router it is usually once you enter the URL, you will be showcased a Login box, log in with Admin as “username” and Password as “password”.
  • Once you login you are on the dash of the ASUS router.
  • Click on Wireless panel in the Administrative Settings option.
  • Once you are in the Wireless panel, you will see the different types of Options related to WiFi.
  • First select the SSID and WiFi-Band you need to change the password for, if your router doesn’t support multiple bands and SSID then ignore this step.
  • Select the password protection types WEP/WEP2, etc.
  • Enter the new password in the password field and click on save.

change your wifi password for asus
change your wifi password for Asus

These were the steps to Reset a Wireless Password in Asus Router.

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