How To Setup Asus Wireless Router ? | Easy Configure Asus Router

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Friends Today In This Post We Will Guide You How to Nighthawk App Setup Asus Wireless Router With Your Modem.

Folks Asus Wireless Router Is Bit Different In Console And Interface But Other than that Asus router setup Is Similar Like Any Other Wireless Router.

You Can Use Same Instruction To Setup Almost Every Model Of Asus Wireless Router.

But Hey, Please Understand Your Router Is Very Important Not Download Nighthawk App for Computer Just For the Internet And Wireless It Can Be Very Useful In Many Ways.

Like – Parental Control, Network, And Bandwidth Control And Security.

Don’t Just Rush Go Slow And  Step To Step –

Installing Asus Wireless Router –

To Configure And Install Asus Router Please Follow These Steps –

  • First Unbox The Router If Its A New Router
  • In Case You Are Trying To Setup Old Asus Router Please Reset Your Asus Router First.


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Honest Note: – Old Or New doesn’t Matter  We Always Recommend To Reset The Router Before You Setup it. (This Helps A Lot To setup The Router )

I Think Now We Are Fully Set To Configure And Setup Asus Router –

  • Please Plug The Router To Power Outlet And Turn It On.
  • Connect The Asus Router To Your Modem (Cable/DSL ) Device Using An Ethernet Cable.
  • Now Please Connect Your Computer With Asus Router Using Another Ethernet Cable.

Asus Router connections
Asus Router connections

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have An Extra Ethernet Cable Please Go to Computer And Click On The Wireless Icon.
You, Will, See A Unsecured Wireless Network By Asus Name, Please Connect With It For Now.

  • Go to Your Browser And Type The Default Gateway  In The URL And Hit Enter.
  • Since Your Router Has Been Reset It Will Not Ask For Any User Name Or Password But Just In Case You Need Default User Name And Password –

Signin asus router login page
Sign in Asus router login page
  • Username = admin , Password = admin
  • Now Your Router Will Detect Your Internet And Its Connection Type.
  • Please Follow On-Screen Instruction To setup Asus wireless router.

Few Tips –

  • Don’t Leave Guest Mode On Please Turn It Off.
  • Ask your Internet Service Provider For Your Connection Type Like it Can Be DHCP, PPPoE, Static Ip Connection Etc.
  • Please Update the Asus Router Firmware to Latest Version This Keeps The Performance at its Best.
  • Don’t Forget To Restart Your Asus Router And Modem After Setup.

We Are Very Sure This Will Help You Setup Your Asus Wireless Router.

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