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Linksys Routers are one of the best home Nighthawk App wireless routers. it has a good security feature and better wireless length.

Check out this Post about Linksys wireless router setup.

Please follow steps and you will be able to setup Linksys wireless router in 5 min.

How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router?

Folks While you are reading the article we are quite sure that you are looking to setup Linksys router with your internet connection.

  • First, make sure the modem is getting the Internet.
  • Now Connect Your modem with Linksys wireless router using Ethernet cable.
  • Make Sure modem Should be Connected to W.A.N (Internet) port of your router.
  • Now its Time to Configure Linksys Wireless router – Please Connect the router to your computer using the Ethernet cable.
  • Make sure First Port (LAN 1) of your Linksys router Download Nighthawk App for Computer needs to be connected to your Computer Using the Cable.
  • Please  Find the Default Gateway Open command prompt (CMD) and type config And JUST Drag the cursor look for default gateway you will see a Default Gateway.

Default gateway by cmd
Default gateway by cmd
  • Most of the Time Linksys wireless router Default gateway is OR   see if that open the router page for you.
  • Open the Browser on your computer Like Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer or Microsoft edge, etc . and Type the Default Gateway on the Very Top of your browser and press Enter.
  • It will Ask for username and password

Try these combinations

username = admin and password = admin

if that did not work check out this

username = admin and password = password  

Configure and setup Linksys Wireless Router-:

Once you are on your Linksys wireless router setup page you can change settings as you wish –

Go to wireless settings and change the SSID (NETWORK NAME ) and For password go to wireless security and change the Password (Network Key ).

Now Save all the settings and reboot Your wireless Router. and wait for 2 Minutes.

Congrats,  You did a good job your Linksys router should be set up by now.

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Tips for Linksys wireless router setup-:

  • While settings up Linksys wireless router may sure Your connection type there are few connection types like static connection, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), etc.
  • You can ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your connection type.
  • While installing your Router make sure the wireless connection is right.
  • Please Make a complex password for the router and do not leave Guest network Open and Unsecured (Unless You are intended to Throw Free internet around Your for other People)

  • Restart Your Router Once in a while for better connection and performance

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