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Before You Continue Learning about how to set up a Tp-link Nighthawk App Wireless router in your Home we must tell you a few interesting facts about the Tp-link wireless Router.

Tp-link is a Chinese Networking Equipment manufacturer. they build home & Small Business Computer networking devices like Router, Switches and Networking Cables.

Most of the time when you have a Tp-link router you don’t need a Modem because of Its a (modem-cum-router) combo of modem and Router.

How to Setup Tp-link Wireless Router-

if you have a Cable Provider and you have a Router and you would like to set up with your internet connection.

Here are a few very simple steps to Go with –

  • First Connect the internet cable which came from internet service Provider (Cable coming from wall ) to Tp-link router.
  • Now Connect the computer with a Tp-link router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Please Open the Internet Browser like Google Chrome, Download Nighthawk App for Computer Firefox or internet explorer.
  • On the Very Top of your Internet browser Please type to access the Tp-link router configuration page.

  • Now you can enable your wireless and follow the instruction set up the router.
  • Please set up SSID (network name ) And the network key (password) as you wish.

  • After you setup please Save all the settings and reboot your Tp-link router.
  • Now Your tp-link router has been installing.
  • You can also contact your internet service provider to help you set up the Tp-link router.

Install Tp-link with PPPoE Connection –

After You Connect the Tp-link router With cable came from an internet service provider.

  • Open the browser and access the setup page given above instructions
  • You can Configure WAN Connection Type, Go to router’s management page,
  • Click Network > WAN on the left of the web page Change the WAN Connection Type to PPPoE.
  • Type the username and password given by your internet service provider
  • After settings just save the settings and reboot your router
  • You can change SSID name and security password whenever you like
  • Restart your computer and Try Connecting to the wireless network.
  1. Tips : –
  2.  Make sure You Reboot Your Tp-link router And Computer after tp-link setup.
  3.  Please Remember its combo device (modem+router) so please do not reset it again and again.
  4. for any other help Please Visit TPLink Official Site to see if this all helps.

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