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How to Setup a Trendnet Wireless Router?

Today We Will Learn How to Setup and Configure Trendnet Nighthawk App Wireless Router In Just 5 Minutes Using this Quick and Simple Guide.

Dear Friends setting up any home wireless router is Easy and the Process is Almost the same In Every Other Home Wireless Router.

Before We Begin to setup trend net router We Would need few things upfront like –

  • You Need 2 Internet cable Often Called Ethernet Cable (If You have only 1 Cable That’s Fine )
  • Internet Service Provider (Modem )
  • Computer (Optional ) Or Any Device With Full Browser Like chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, etc.

Now if you have these things let us Guide you on how to set up a trend net router.

First Find out what is the default Ip address (Default gateway ) of your router.

Most of the time default gateway(I.P) For trinket router Download Nighthawk App for Computer is But You Can Also check At The Back of your router for default IP address.

Now we have everything we need to install the trend net router.

Just follow these steps –

Installing Trendnet router –

  • Plug Your Router To the power outlet.
  • Connect your Modem to Your Trendnet router With Ethernet Cable from WAN Port.
  • If You Have Extra Ethernet Cable Connect your router Lan Port With Computer.

Connect trendnet router to extender
Connect trendnet router to extender
  • Now Open Your Browser And type In top Url box And Press Enter.
  • It May Asks For username and password Just Try These sets of username and password

Username = admin, password = Leave it blank (most used and Worked )
Check out Other Options:- Username = admin, password = admin
Username = admin, Password = password

Once You Are Logged In To Your Router Settings We Have to set the Internet Connection Type. Like DHCP, PPPoE, Static Ip Etc

Most of the router Detect the Connection type on their Own And Most of the times Its DHCP Connection

But You Can Ask Your Internet Provider About Your connection type

Now Please Go to Network and click On Wan Settings And select DHCP And apply the settings

Wait for 1 min and then We Need to setup the Network name (SSID) and Network Key (Wireless Password )

Setup Network name and password

Click On Wireless Now go to Basic and here you can type your network Name (wireless Name) you may wish for your Wi-Fi router.

Enter Your Router name in trendnet router
Enter Your Router name in trendnet router

Now Apply the settings and go to the security And Please Type the new password as you may wish for your wireless.

We Recommend You to select “WPA2-PSK” as the Encryption type (security Mode ) and make a complex Password at the Given Box for Pre-Shared Key.

After you type the password Please make sure you remember this password as you will need it to get on the internet.

Now apply and save the settings then wait for 1 min and reset your router and restart your modem as well.

You Can try connecting with wireless Network Now

Your Trendnet router has been configured and now you can use your Internet Using Any wireless device at home.

We Hope This Is Helpful. Please comment below and let us know if you need any other help to Setup a trend net router.

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